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Course Evaluations, Part 2

In this podcast, we’ll look at how people other than professors see the course evaluation process, using some of our administrative experience to convince professors, parents, and students that department chairs, deans, and academic vice presidents really do look at the results.  We’ll discuss course evaluations as early signals of troubled or superior teaching.  Administrators often refer to course evaluations when they receive complaints about professors or classes; and, they often look at evaluations when getting good news about tenure-track faculty and when deciding on course assignments for part-time faculty.

Evaluations show patterns of teaching behavior that help administrators and faculty development committees or centers determine areas of need in a professor’s course skills.  They also identify potential mentors from established faculty for new faculty members.  Moreover, evaluations are not well used when they are a way of turning teaching performance into numbers; rather, they identify patterns of students care and learning.

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