Student Caring - A Podcast for Professors
Join professors de Roulet and Pecoraro as they encourage professors to achieve success.

Excerpts from part two of three in this podcast series.

Dr. Daniel de Roulet: "If I am not going to give my students information, what am I to do?"
Dr. Chip Espinoza: "Show the big picture. Information is only information unless you know how to apply it. Showing how information becomes knowledge, I think, is the key role we play in the classroom."

We need to go about it differently.
Moving from, "Sage on the Stage" to "Guide on the Side" to "Learning With."
You will see the relational aspect come together.

Dr. Chip Espinoza: In class, following up on a reading assignment: "What did you like about that article?"  - - - Silence - - - "What did you disagree with?" – – – "And we would talk for the rest of the class. They like to approach things from problem solving."

Anytime you want to see students energized, you have to approach it from a critical aspect.

Dr. Chip Espinoza: "Theres a high value on achievement, and they [Our students] do not want to fail. And they don't want to disappoint you or the people that support them who have high expectations of what their career will be."


Please join us again next week for Podcast No. 235, part three in this series.

Until then, keep caring!
Prof. David C. Pecoraro 


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