Student Caring - A Podcast for Professors
Join professors de Roulet and Pecoraro as they encourage professors to achieve success.
SC 203 Your Over-achieving Student Is Bored With Your Class.

SITUATION: You notice that one of your students is bored and not engaged with the subject.

Professors de Roulet and Pecoraro discuss how to challenge your student.

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SC 202 A Student Confides Their Depression

SITUATION: While reading and grading a student’s writing assignment, they reveal to you that they are deeply depressed.

Listen to Daniel and David on Friday - USA - Inauguration Day, as they explore this topic.


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SC 201 Complaints About Another Professor

A student comes to your office hours and is complaining that one of their professors is not teaching them what they need to learn in the class, which a pre-requisite to your class.


Listen to Daniel and David on Friday the Thirteenth, as they explore this topic.

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SC 200 Thank You Notes from Students

Professors Pecoraro & de Roulet celebrate Podcast No. 200 in this special episode featuring students letters to their professors.

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