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SC 40 The First Year of College and Your Family

The First Year of College and Your Family

In this podcast, we offer advice for college bound students and their parents about the transition which occurs between  high school and college.

  • Negotiating your relationship with your parents.
  • Staying in touch with siblings.
  • Working to discover the right balance.
 Sound Bites:
• What happens between high school and college is a big change.• You are now a "College Man or "College Woman"

• What is it like having a college student at home or away in a dorm?

•  Parents, this can be a time of "fear."

•  College changes everything!

•  We recommend a genuine heart - to - heart family meeting.Students, give your parents a good idea of the work load that you have - yes, show them your syllabi.

•  Students, before, during and after college, you are still that family member.

•  Students, be sensitive to younger siblings.

•  Ask and answer the question: "Is living away from home a good idea?"

•  Parents, is it best for my student to live away from home?

•  Hear the story: "Where's Farm Boy?"

•  In dorm life, you build a second family.

•  Students:  It's really nice if you don't desert your family during that first year.

Keep in mind, that your goal is to get to that wonderful day of celebration - the commencement ceremony!

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THIS EPISODE WAS RECORDED ON Wednesday, March 20, 2013

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The First Year of College and Your Family
The First Year of College and Your Family
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