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Caring for Graduate Students

This week in Student Caring, we continue with our visit to the University of California at Santa Barbara, but this time we talk about student caring on another level.

Graduate students are a forgotten and often misunderstood population on university campuses.  Parents and students may see them as teacher assistants for—or often teachers of—first year courses.  This is often the case, but what we often forget is that grad students are just a year or a few years away from being undergraduates, and yet, we expect them to be experts not only in teaching, but in balancing work and studies, and in managing the challenges of starting families or starting their lives over in a new environment, far from home, in which they often feel invisible.  We know that as graduate students we faced all of these challenges, and found ourselves in competitive programs where the notions of collegiality and mentoring were sought after by many and found by few. We both had great mentors, but we struggled with the other demands of graduate life, and we were part of an environment in which many students, for a host, of reasons, did not finish their studies and struggled with feeling isolated when they thought they would be celebrating meeting life-long goals.

So we invite undergraduates, graduate students, and their professors to join us this week as UC Santa Barbara helps us to get an inside look at graduate studies.

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