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How Important is Academic Preparedness?

Academic Preparedness / Knowing who your students are today

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The HIGH Cost of Higher Education Today

Student Finances: Knowing who your students are today.

In podcast episode No. 4, the co-hosts, Dr. Daniel de Roulet and Prof. David C. Pecoraro,  talk about “Knowing who your Students are Today: Student Finances”

The Podcast Outline:

This is the first of a 3 part series: Knowing Who Your Students Are Today

#1  Student Finances

#2  Student Academic Preparedness

#3  Students and Parents

Announcement: Student Caring will be speaking at the Hawaiian International Conference on Higher Education. We’ll be putting together a “Meet and Greet” for our listeners. Attire: Business Casual or Hawaiian!

Dinosaur (Historical) information from Daniel and David

We’re talking “That 70’s Show” era rather than “Happy Days.”

• David shares his journey from high school to college and graduate school from a financial perspective.

• Daniel shares his situation and the benefits of an education which was not cost prohibitive.

• A college education, while a struggle, was not unsurmountable, nor difficult to finance.

• Daniel shares statistics from: National Center for Education Statistics

• From 2001 to now the cost of education has increased by an average of 50%.

• Students and parents are taking out loans at an average of $18,000 a year.

• Graduation Rates: Just a little over 50% of undergraduate student graduate in 4 years. 61 % graduate in 5 years and 63% graduate in 6 years.

• Family debt for a 4 year degree is averaging $72,000 – $100,000.

• Taking out a second mortgage on a home, with today’s housing market, is not an option for many families.

• College savings accounts, begun 20 years ago, are “not enough” for the cost of today’s education.

• In 2011, our students are worried about tuition hikes and debt.

• Full-time students in a four-year program are working to address these concerns.

42% of our students are working over 25 hours per week.

25% of our students are working 36 hours or more per week.

• These factors create additional stress for the student.

• What can we as educators do?

Be aware. Survey your students to discover how they are doing and your own stress level?

David’s advice: Meet with the student one-on-one and illustrate where their education fits into the big picture of their lives.

Daniel:  The national medium income for a graduate is an average of $15,000 a year more than those without a degree. He advises:  “Stick with it,” advice he was given.

Advice to students:

Look over the long term to discover future benefits.

Ask:  “Are you working more than you need to?”

• Today’s students are expected to bring technology with them, which is an increased cost. Automobiles are often necessary and expensive.

Students need to stay focused on your primary work: getting an education.

• Helping students to learn how to manage their time can be very helpful in relieving stress.

• Listening to students talk about their stresses is essential.

• David shares how important it is for him to be the very best professor possible because his students deserve the best.

• Listener, Don Lubach, Ph.D., stated in a review of our podcast: “Our only hope is to pool resources and techniques. We have to do our best work to help our students as they make their way to graduation and a tough job market.”

• Daniel encourages everyone to make this a “College Issue.”

• Today’s financial landscape is very different from the 1970’s.


• When a class finishes a few minutes early, this a golden opportunity for students and professors to connect with each other.

• Stick around during a break.

• Let students know where you will be having coffee or lunch and invite them to join you.

• Coffee is important!


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In our next episode we’ll talk about, “Knowing Who Today’s Students Are: Student Academic Preparedness,” and continue to take us with you as we explore student caring.

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