Student Caring - A Podcast for Professors
Join professors de Roulet and Pecoraro as they encourage professors to achieve success.

Zero to 100 Miles per hour - overnight!

Listen to Student Caring story from one of our listenrs and hear how the first days of instruction went from, Dr. Daniel de Roulet and Prof. David C. Pecoraro.

In podcast episode No. 3, the co-hosts, Dr. Daniel de Roulet and Prof. David C. Pecoraro, discuss a story from a listener and their first days of instruction.

The Podcast Outline:

• Welcome to the world of “Fast Pace!”

• Student caring typically needs to be “spliced in” to daily life.

• Meetings, meetings, and more meetings.

• David invites the audience to listen to two stories by Robin Homalok.

• Robin’s story about the professor and those who take care of you.

• Robin’s second story, “The Professor and the Slide Rule.”

• Reaction to the stories.

• How to counteract the possibility of an initial negative reaction to the course and professor.

• Creating a “Welcoming” first day of instruction.

• Highlights from Dr. James K.A. Smith of Calvin College

• Caring in chaos during the first week of instruction.

• Student Caring is about action!

• Student Caring is often about encouraging students to enter adulthood. This can involve “tough encounters. Daniel tells a story about a student from his past, who wanted to negotiate her grade.

• Additional highlights from Dr. James K.A. Smith. Look at your alumni to assess how well they have been taught. Professors are not merely “Heads on a Stick,” they are also, “Hearts on a Stick.”

• A student’s perspective of the professor during class and the results of their “in-class time” afterward when they turn in excellent work.

• Students are also, heads and hearts!

• Summary of the podcast topics.In our next episode we’ll talk about, “Knowing Who Today’s Students Are,” and continue to take us with you as we explore student caring.

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