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The final days of a class...

- Recorded on December 6, 2011

- Success story from listener, Dave Stachowiak who tried beginning his class with an exercise to engage with the students as opposed to spending the entire session on the syllabus.

  • We are in that last week of instruction and finals.
    - Students are in a high-stress state of mind.
    What are professors are thinking about?
    - Looking forward to the end of the term.
    - Looking ahead to the next term. We are continually revise our courses.
    - Students who live in the dorms are packing up to move out for a month.
    - Students are working hard to prepare for their finals.
    - Students and professors are on the same track at this time of the year which can result in stressful teaching and cramming.
    - This is a busy time of year for professors.
    - Our students are over tired, nervous, stressed and tend to be more accident prone.
    What are students thinking about?
    - Finals!
    - Preparing to travel and go home for the holiday break.
    - The red zone. When students do not have as much to do.
    - Life insists on crashing in on our carefully planned schedules. Life and family issues which were not a big part of their schedules during a semester, are now about to return to their lives.
    - David shares a creative solution to using unexpected lab fees to help out his students during a mini-class graduation ceremony at the end of the semester.
  • Students do not always have a lot of friends to turn to during this time of the year.
    - Daniels is trying to get his students to calm down and reflect on what has been learned as opposed to panic study. He encourages his students to write final exam questions so they may think calmly and reflectively near the end of the term.
    - The last class is very important. Focusing on: What can you do with this information? Examples of students who have come before them and what they have done with this information.
    - The Christmas rush is on all of our minds, this is a time to calm down and reflect.
    - Since our journey together is coming to an end, it can be sad.
    We would like to hear from you, our listeners, what have you observed which was wonderful student caring?


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- We are signing off for the semester and we thank you for joining us during this semester.

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