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Helping E.S.L. (English as a Second Language) Students Succeed / Part Two of Two

As the 2013 fall term begins we wanted to feature these prior episodes with you.

Helping E.S.L. Students Succeed

In this podcast we continue our interview with Professors Jeff Wilson and Rebecca Beck, E.S.L. specialists from Irvine Valley College, California.

English as a Second Language Sound Bites from the Podcast:

  • Culturally, students are not comfortable with speaking with a professor.
  • To many students professors are the "Sage on the stage."
  • In some cultures women are seen as the weaker element and they will not ask a female professor any question.
  • Not all students know what an "office hour" is. They might think it is the time when you have lunch.
  • I require all students to come to visit me during an officer hour.
  • We tend to lump populations together. We need to look at students as individuals, they are all different, they come from different backgrounds.
  • I have mid term evaluations with each student individually. It is appropriate to do this during a regular class time. Those 10 - 15 minutes with students may have a greater impact than in an lecture.
  • You have an amazing opportunity (as a Professor) to keep learning when you meet with a student individually.
  • I do believe that students avoid E.S.L. programs, one reason is they feel stigmatized.
  • We need to communicate with E.S.L. students that an E.S.L. class will help them with their college careers.
  • University departments need to work together to help E.S.L. students. This is a campus culture issue.
  • I hear E.S.L. Students often say, "I fear it is going to me an awfully long time to graduate."
  • "I don't want to be behind my friends and have to take college for 7 years.
  • Language is not a discipline, language is a human trait, it takes time.
  • Acquiring academic english takes five to 10 years.
  • Acquiring a second language is really intimate.
  • Acquiring english is like learning to play soccer. This can be hard in a world of instant gratification.
  • Q:  What can E.S.L. students to outside of the classroom?
    • A:  The number one thing is get a new girlfriend or boyfriend. (English speaking)
    • A:  Engage in the english speaking world outside of the classroom.
    • A:  Find some sort of hobby or interest that they like.
    • A:  Encourage them to engage in sports.
  • Some universities are forgetting that some future students are in countries where they don't have the Internet yet.
  • We, as professors, need to have a taller understanding of where E.S.L. students are coming from.
  • These students are to not remedial, they are critical thinkers.
  • We sometimes forgive when a student speaks in an accent. When we read papers, sometimes we forget that they are also writing with an accent.
  • The linguistic ability of the person has nothing to do with their cognitive ability.


Contact Information:  Email:  Prof. Rebecca Beck   |   Prof. Jeff  Wilson

Irvine Valley College | Student Caring
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