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Helping E.S.L. (English as a Second Language) Students Succeed / Part One of Two

As we prepare to begin the 2013 fall term we wanted to feature some previous podcasts, fitting for this time of year.

Helping E.S.L. Students Succeed
Helping E.S.L. Students Succeed

In this podcast we interview Professors Jeff Wilson and Rebecca Beck, E.S.L. specialists from Irvine Valley College, California.

Sound Bites:

  • Students may not know who Seinfeld is or even what a sitcom is.
  • Giving the student the context of the situation helps.
  • Language is culture and culture is language.
  • Student anxiety can come from the power relationship between the student and the professor.
  • How do we know when students are engaged?
  • There is not a 'generic' E.S.L. student.
  • Understanding the different needs of your students is at the root of good instruction.
  • Using blogs and journals can help us to understand our students.
  • Part of my mission as a teacher is also to help my native speaking students understand what it is like for my E.S.L. students.
  • Would you text your friend, "I am gonna B L 8?" Of course not!
  • We are all together in this and we are going to move forward.
  • "Who are the Beatles?"
  • I cannot call you "My Student" until I know something about you. I do a survey to help to get the know the student. What are your goals for this class?
  • You recognize them (Your students) as a person, not just a seat warmer in the class.
  • I don't believe that they are just my students, they are also a son, daughter, and neighbor.
  • The longer we teach, if we keep using the same answers over and over, we are going to marginalize ourselves from popular culture.
  • Every class I teach, I have the class do a group project of some sort.
  • I as a teacher am constantly learning from my students.
  • I take the time outside of class to look on YouTube and other cultural references to get to know them. It is my own homework assignment.
  • I need to stay plugged in myself so I can remain relevant to my students.

Our next podcast, No. 49 will be part 2 on this topic, please join us!
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